C & C Coffee is a great place to share either original music or cover music. Currently we host on live music on Friday nights from 6- 8 pm. You can either play the entire time or share the evening with another artist.

Here is a few things you will want to know about playing at C & C Coffee

  • Positive – C & C Coffee is family friendly and we like to keep our events welcoming for all ages. We ask that lyrics avoid any swearing or suggestive language/ content.
  • Equipment- The shop has a Yamaha sound system with a small mixer supporting several microphones, guitar and/or keyboard inputs and stands. If you have your own, bring your own.
  • While we don’t directly pay musicians we are happy to provide some free drinks, a musician tip basket (musician keeps 100%), and you are welcome to sell any cds or merchandise.

If you are interested in playing send us an email at info@candccoffee.com and tell us about yourself and what you play.

Only have a couple songs? We host open mics from time to time so feel free to email info@candccoffee.com and mention open mic and we can let you know when we have our next one.